What is a woman looking for in a man?

While each woman has her particular criteria for defining the perfect man, most of them seek out certain main qualities in a man. To guide you, here are the top 5 skills you need to be sure to seduce any woman you like.

1) Be attentive

Every woman needs attention. The attention that is involved, it is not necessarily the cover of gifts, but to be present for it. Certainly, they love gifts but what a woman is looking for above all is a man who knows how to listen to him, someone who cares about his well-being. To seduce a woman or to keep your wife, it will be necessary to show him how much it counts for you by doing everything possible so that she does not feel abandoned.

2) Be funny

Far from being a myth, the adage that it is necessary to make a woman laugh to seduce her is indeed a reality. During your conversations, an interesting little joke from time to time would only make her fall under your spell. Be careful, however, not to fall into ridicule or vulgar by clumsiness.

3) Be gallant

It’s overwhelmed you say? Well, think again. Despite changing attitudes and customs women remain sensitive to acts of gallantry. They like when you open the door of the car to invite them down, when you offer them your jacket to protect them from the cold during an outing, when you pay the bill at the restaurant, etc. In short, they appreciate all the gestures that highlight them, as well as the compliments.

4) A sensitive man

It is often said that women love bad boys or machos. But it’s totally wrong! It is even noticed that more and more people prefer soft, tender and sensitive men to hard-leather men. Women appreciate men who agree to reveal their feelings of fear or fear in the face of a situation, those who agree to say that they are in pain, those who let tears run down in front of a love film … and especially those who know say “I love you” most often.

5) A cultivated man

As much as a woman crushes willingly for a man who knows how to make her laugh, she also feels the need to have a certain admiration for her seducer, more than her physique or her age. Therefore, in order to seduce a woman, it is necessary to be able to hold a discussion in many different subjects, to have a good general knowledge. A man who likes to read, who likes to follow international and national news. At this level, what a woman is looking for is a man who can bring her something more, teach her interesting things, someone she is proud to introduce to those around her.

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