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We explain how to clean your shower screen

Tired of limestone that settles on the wall of your shower? Here are some natural tips for your bathroom to be sparkling. 

You have often been sold the merits of  white vinegar  and baking soda to clean your home. And again, you will see that with these two products you will be able to clean your shower perfectly. 

# 1- The trick: white vinegar 

To properly clean your shower wall  , nothing is easier. First, mix in a container 200ml of white vinegar with 100ml of hot water. Then, using a clean and soft cloth, rub the wall with the solution (do not hesitate to put a lot of product on the wall). Leave it alone. Finally, use a window squeegee to remove the product, then rinse with clear water.  

# 2- The trick: white vinegar + baking soda 

This is THE winning combo in terms of natural household. To get rid of limescale and residues on your wall, add white vinegar to the area. Then, impregnate a sponge with  baking soda . Finally, rub the wall with the sponge. And rinse with hot water. You will see, it’s magic! 

It’s your turn ! 

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