Top 11 unexpected destinations for a child-friendly city trip

Discover these 11 child-friendly city trip destinations, which you probably have not visited yet …

City trips are great to strengthen the bond with your children, let them discover new cultures and also learn them on the road!From child-friendly museums to city parks made for children … We have compiled a list of European cities that you may have overlooked before, but that are perfect for a family vacation.Before you leave, charge your camera, pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes and view our urban photography tips for inspiration.

1. Seville

Seville has one of the warmest climates in Europe and it is a great place to go with children. The (almost) guaranteed sun, horse carriages and bicycle-friendly routes make this city perfect for a short trip with the little ones.

Things to do

  • Before your first stop in the city, head for Seville Cathedral and the Giralda Tower. This imposing building is the third largest Gothic cathedral in the world and offers a beautiful view of the city.
  • For water attractions, child-friendly roller coasters and a Spanish Galleon you visit the cultural theme park Isla Mágica. It is only 30 minutes by bus from the city center.
  • A walk through the quiet neighborhood of Santa Cruz, locally known as Barrio Santa Cruz. Children love to admire the traditional architecture and chocolate churros are the perfect snack on the go.

2. Stockholm

The capital of Sweden has a nice Scandinavian laidback atmosphere, perfect for a child-friendly city trip. With the many museums, beautiful nature and lots of open spaces, there is plenty to do to keep the children busy.

Things to do

  • Go to the island of Djurgården in the center of the city and visit Junibacken, a fairytale museum and cultural center that awakens the love for reading in children. Or go to Skansen, an open-air museum where you can experience living history and visit a zoo with bears, lynxes and wolves.
  • Not all spas are suitable for children, but at Yasuragi they offer special children’s weekends during the summer. ON those days you can take the children and relax together. You can stay overnight or just go for a day.
  • As the birthplace of one of the world’s most favorite pop bands, Stockholm attracts many ABBA fans from around the world. The ABBA museuam is a must for parents, but children also love to sing with Dancing Queen.

3. Nantes

Nantes is the fifth largest city in France, but is often overlooked. With more iconic sights in Paris and the famous castles of Bordeaux, it is difficult to stand out. This former industrial center, located on the Loire in western France, captures the attention of travelers who are looking for undiscovered spots.

Nantes, France – August 20, 2011: The main entrance of Castle of Brittany Duke’s. Many tourists and some banners on the bridge. many people sitting on tables of restaurant and St. Peter Cathedral on background

Things to do

  • Visit the Île de Nantes, the creative heart of the city, on an island in the river. Here the masterminds of ‘Les Machines de L’ile Nantes’ have created a steam punk playground where a robot elephant carries passengers on its back and sprays water on bystanders. There is always a lot going on here, so check the website to see what is planned during your visit.
  • Interactive museums are ideal for children. The 15th-century Château de Ducs de Bretagne exhibits videos and exhibitions that tell the history of the kings and queens of Nantes. In addition, the history of shipbuilding, slavery and traditional biscuit making is shown.
  • Go to the top of the highest building in the city and enjoy the view with a few tasty snacks. Le Nid (“the nest”) is located on the 32nd floor of Le Tour de Bretagne and was designed by cartoonist Jean Jullien. In the playful bar you will find a huge stork: the bar is on the back and the eggs form tables and chairs.

4. Reykjavik

Iceland was once seen as the ultimate destination for fearless travelers. However, thanks to a wave of low-cost airlines flying here now, natural beauty is now easily accessible. The compact capital Reykjavik steals your heart with its wooden houses, cozy cafes and the breathtaking views on the outskirts of the city.

Things to do

  • For spectacular views of the charming and colorful Reykjavik you take the elevator to the top of the Lutheran church Hallgrimskirkja. The church itself is inspired by the unusual rock formations that you can find in Vik – the southernmost city in Iceland. If you have time, you can drive to see the rocks yourself.
  • Children love the wild animals that can be seen in Reykjavik. Go and see puffins or whales on a boat trip departing from the port. You can see great things during good weather conditions.
  • A trip to Iceland is not complete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon. This special natural spring is only an hour away from the city and children love to play and float in the warm water.

5. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is often referred to as the most livable city in the world and is a maze of sustainable city planning, wide streets and green spaces. Moreover, everything is accessible with the city’s most important means of transportation: the bicycle! Both parents and children will love to cycle through this cool Scandinavian city.

Things to do

  • The Tivoli Gardens, right in the center of Copenhagen, is an amusement park for all ages. Think of roller coasters, live music, a lake with boats and walking peacocks.
  • Stimulate the senses in the Blue Planet aquarium – the huge aquariums that can be run through are filled with rays and hammerhead sharks. In addition, there is a part with rainforest aquariums with cunning piranhas and cute otters.
  • The Experimentarium is an ultra modern museum that keeps children entertained for hours. They can discover scientific things, from a slander harp to soap bubbles in the Bubblearium. They can also learn how seeing, hearing, tasting and touching works in the Tunnel of Senses.

6. Verona

It is famous by Romeo and Juliet, but this city in northern Italy has much more to offer than Shakespeare romance. The many squares, narrow streets and the large amphitheater make this city perfect for exploring on foot.

Things to do

  • Of course, a visit to Verona is not complete without a visit to the famous balcony of Romeo and Juliet. You can even pay to stand on it and play the iconic scene. There is also a museum with attributes from the different Romeo and Juliet films – a fun way to introduce children to Shakespeare.
  • Lake Garda is just a short drive away, where you will find the Caneva Waterpark. The perfect place to cool off if you are there in the summer. It consists of four theme parks, including a medieval world, a water park, movieland studios and a rock-star restaurant.
  • Gardaland is often mentioned as one of the best theme parks in Europe and is a large resort about half an hour from Verona. It is a fun day trip for the whole family thanks to the roller coasters and water attractions.

7. Athens

The oldest capital of Europe has existed for over 3,400 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. A city trip to this city with your children is just like one long impressive and interactive history lesson. There are few people who are not impressed by all that this old city has to offer.

Things to do

  • View everything from the hop-on-hop-off Happy Train of Athens. This sightseeing experience starts from Syntagma square and Monastiraki square and follows a route through the historic center of the city, the old neighborhoods and the hill of the Acropolis.
  • The Allou! Fun Park is fun for both adults and children. Discover the 4D experience, Crazy Mouse roller coaster and rafting at La Isla.
  • Most Greek school children will have been to this museum during a school trip, so it is a great place to visit during a city trip with children. The Goulandris Natural History Museum focuses on the study, conservation and protection of the natural environment. Visitors of all ages will love the huge collection of hundreds of thousands of plants and animals.

8. Oxford

This world-famous university city was home to some of the world’s best minds, such as Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton, Oscar Wilde and CS Lewis. Exploring the prestigious university campus and the winding streets will inspire all children.

Things to do

  • The best museum for young children in Oxford is the Natural History Museum. You will find skeletons of dinosaurs, stones and minerals, a bee nest, fossils and much more. And the best of it? It is completely free.
  • You can visit the place that inspired CS Lewis for the Chronicles of Narnia and discover a world of childlike imagination. The CS Lewis nature reserve is a small reserve that consists of a wooded area and a large pond. It is located in Risinghurst, a few kilometers from the city center.
  • A ghost tour is a fun way to inspire children and at the same time learn more about the history of the city. The Bill Specter’s Oxford ghost tour is judged as one of the top 10 ghost tours in the world. An exuberantly dressed guide tells ghostly stories from burning books and provides magic during a walk through the city.

9. Salzburg

This picturesque Austrian town lies on the border with Germany and offers breathtaking views over the Alps. Moreover, it has been virtually unchanged since the time that Mozart lived there, some 250 years ago.

Things to do

  • The Music House (Haus der Musik) offers 5000 square meters of interactive discoveries about everything that has to do with music. You will find exhibitions on everything from famous composers from the past to scientific exhibitions on how sound is produced and interactive screens where children can play digital music or make their own CDs.
  • Which child does not like a gigantic Ferris wheel? The huge copy in Salzburg is one of the oldest of its kind and offers a great view of the city and the mountains in the distance.
  • The Children’s Museum (Kaiser Kindy) is especially aimed at children. (You’ve probably seen that by the name!) Dress yourself up as king or queen, sit on the throne and play with toys from the empire.

10. Algarve

Although it is technically not a city, but a region in southern Portugal, we could not complete our list of child-friendly destinations without the Algarve. From beautiful beaches to water sports, there is always something for the whole family.

Things to do

  • Go dolphin watching along the coast. You can choose a tour that suits you best, whether you go kayaking, watch caves or sail along the coast. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing dolphins jumping out of the water in their natural environment.
  • The Fiesta Sand Sculptures festival uses the sand from the Algarve in beautiful artworks. The annual event is the largest of its kind and celebrates creativity and the art of sand sculptures.
  • Go for a day at the beach! Lagos, Praia do Amado, Faro Island, Salema and Praia da Marinha are the most famous, but there are also smaller beaches. The children will no longer want to fly home.

11. Edinburgh

There are few cities that are as charming as Edinburgh. With its medieval old town, the castle on the hill and the new city that spreads out, it is definitely a picture. The city is also quite small, so you can see everything in a weekend.

Things to do

  • Take advantage of the beautiful view of the city from Castle Hill at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions – the oldest attraction in Edinburgh that has entertained visitors since 1892. This intriguing attraction, right next to Edinburgh Castle, is set in a Victorian upper room at the top of the Outlook Tower. In this mysterious space you can see moving images of the view of Edinburgh projected on the walls of a gigantic periscope.
  • Nature lovers will love Butterfly and Insect World. The tropical rainforest is located in a series of greenhouses that are connected to a large garden center, where you can view a wide variety of teeming animals up close.
  • The Dynamic Earth museum celebrates the beauty of the earth through innovative technology. During the interactive exhibitions, visitors can experience simulated earthquakes, tropical downpours, the ocean floor, ice ages, glaciers and mountains. Educational fun for the whole family.

We hope that this post has given you ideas for the next city trip with the whole family.

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