The charming places of Mozambique

There is very little talk of tourism in Mozambique. And yet, this country open to the Indian Ocean and former Portuguese colony, concentrates idyllic landscapes. White beaches, paradisiacal islands, amazing flora, Mozambique is a country that will appeal to tourists who come to ask their luggage. Here are five charming places in Mozambique that will make you want to book your ticket now!

The island of Mozambique, stage of the route of the Indies

The island of Mozambique, or Ilha de Moçambique in Portuguese, is a small fortified island located off the north of the country. It is an old Portuguese trading post located on the route of the Indies and, moreover, one observes the Portuguese influence of the architecture on the island. The island of Mozambique is also a rich blend of African, Portuguese, Indian and Arab cultures. On the island you can visit the fortress of San Sebastián or the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, a building dating back to 1522, which would be the oldest European building in the southern hemisphere. For experienced divers, in the north of the island is a very famous dive center. For those who would like to see the island otherwise, many boat trips are offered.

Maputo, an effervescent capital

The capital of Mozambique is a port city bordered by the Indian Ocean, colorful and very cosmopolitan. The city center of Maputo is very contrasted: modern buildings alongside colonial buildings and dilapidated buildings. In the four corners of the city are hidden charming places that make all the interest of this African capital. Notably, the district of Mafalala, the cathedral Our Lady of Fatima, the botanical gardens of Tunduru or the Casa Elefante. But by passing through Maputo, you have to take the time to go to the fish market, a typical Mozambican place where you will be most in touch with local life.

Gorongosa National Park

More inland, in the heart of the Great African Rift Valley, a large-scale natural park was born in 1960 at the foot of Mount Gorongosa. These 4000 km² of land are home to a wide variety of ecosystems, which is what makes the beauty of the site. The soils are shaped by river floods that originate on Mount Gorongosa. The plains concentrate an exceptional fauna and flora: between savannah, tropical forests and mountain forests have established many carnivorous and herbivorous species as well as an incredible diversity of bird species. It is one of the most characteristic places in Mozambique.

Matemo Island, a paradise on Earth

In the Quirimbas Archipelago in the north of the country is Matemo Island. This island is a jewel in Mozambique. A translucent blue sea, white sand beaches lined with palm trees, but not only! Inside the 2,400 hectares of the island an exceptional flora remains to be discovered. Matemo Island is actually what is called an “island-hotel”: to see the island in all its splendor, it is best to stay there. The hotel is composed of twenty small chalets with incomparable views of the island landscape; it also offers many activities related to the fauna and flora of the island: diving, snorkeling, etc. An idyllic and exotic setting that will seduce you!

The archipelago of Bazaruto

Off the southern coast of Mozambique, specifically in the Mozambique Channel, is an archipelago called Bazaruto. It is a set of five islands: Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque, Santa Carolina and Bangue. Bazaruto and Benguerra are the two largest islands of the archipelago and both have the distinction of being “barrier islands”, that is to say that to the east of the respective islands are dunes of sand. To the west of the two islands are marshy areas where many animal species can be observed. The most important thing about visiting the Bazaruto Archipelago is the diversity of natural environments and species: antelopes, flamingos, otters, crocodiles and more offshore dolphins and whales. Hump ​​are concentrated around and in the heart of the islands.

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