The biggest lies about nutrition

Among the flow of information on nutrition that reaches us, advertisements, articles on the internet, blogs and forums of all kinds, it is sometimes difficult to disentangle the true from the false. And the good nutritional advice of your loved ones are not left out, hearsay, it is rarely the best to be sure to eat properly. To avoid wrongly baning certain foods that may actually be beneficial to your health, here are the main lies about nutrition.

Proteins, myths and realities

Many misconceptions about proteins exist; relegated sometimes by doctors, different researches deny them.

Consumption of large amounts of protein

The overconsumption of protein is accused of causing damage to the bones and kidneys. Osteoporosis, various kidney diseases, some see the consumption of large amounts of protein as the cause of these ailments. Why do we think so? Because proteins reject calcium in the short term. Do not worry, no study has compared the consumption of proteins and diseases. Protein is important for health, do not overlook it, it could have a disastrous effect.

Eggs: not to be excluded!

Egg consumption is also regularly controversial, even among health professionals. They are accused of raising cholesterol. Why ? Well, because eggs simply contain cholesterol. But beware ! There is the good cholesterol, and the bad, and in the case of eggs, it is the good cholesterol that we find. Studies have been conducted, and eggs have no impact on the rate of “bad” cholesterol. So do not panic, you can eat safely.

Fats, enemies wrongly

Fats have become the number one enemies of diet people. Idea of ​​weight gain, damage to health, all fats are not to be banned. Lipids also play a vital role in health.

The history of saturated fats

This is surely one of the biggest lies about nutrition that can be found. In common thinking, all over the world, saturated fats are synonymous with cardiovascular disease. An idea that has largely imposed itself, but which was in fact only a theory. Later, with a study of several hundred thousand patients, it was discovered that there was no link between saturated fat and cardiovascular disease. Cheeses, meats, butter, vegetable oils, you have no reason to deprive yourself of them.

Lighter foods, better for health?

To avoid the consumption of fats, many people rush on lightened products. Let us first specify that fat is not your enemy, just know how much to consume. But lightened products, 0% products, what do they hide? No fat, for sure, but the food industry compensates for the absence of fat by other elements: sugar, aspartame, glucose syrup, you are served! You will have compensated for the fats with sugar and sweeteners, but that is not good for your health.

Carbohydrates and misconceptions

Carbohydrates also concentrate their lot of lies and misconceptions. From sugar to cereals, here is the truth restored.

Banish sugar, very bad idea

Of course, refined sugar has its share of drawbacks. But do not forget that sugar plays a leading role in our body. It acts as fuel for our cells, so it is necessary as part of any type of diet. Know that there is not only white sugar as a source of glucose, there are unrefined sugars, but also honey – which has exceptional virtues – or as we will see cereals.

The myths of cereal consumption

For the most part, cereals should be the basis of our diet. In fact, cereals are important, but so are meats and vegetables. Overconsumption of cereals may cause adverse effects in some people. For a proper diet, you have to eat everything.

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