The 12 most romantic cities in Europe

Do you want to skip the spark again with a weekend trip? Or celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special place? Discover our list of the 12 most romantic European cities you can escape this year.

So, the holidays are over and it is just too early to plan your summer vacation. With the winter dip lurking, this is the perfect time to plan a romantic weekend trip for you and your loved one. In addition, thanks to the cheap airline tickets that are increasingly available, it is very easy to take a dose of culture and romance in another European city.

We have already done the hard work for you – all you have to do is grab your camera and book a hotel. Oh and check out our city photography tips before you start capturing the city. These are the 12 most romantic cities that you have to add directly to your travel wish list.


Venice is obviously an obvious choice when you’re looking for a romantic trip, but it’s not just about gondolas and sunsets. Avoid the crowds and wander through the many alleyways to enjoy the beautiful views and bridges. Go on a day trip to Burano, an island known for its colorful fishermen’s houses. And of course do not forget to eat delicious pasta. A lot of pasta.


Aerial view of Paris cityscape with Eiffel tower at sunset Vintage colored picture. Business, Love and travel concept

You are certainly not surprised to find Paris in this list, known worldwide as ‘the city of love’. The iconic Eiffel Tower is in the top 10 places for marriage proposals and the fantastic architecture and delicious food are perfect for a romantic break. Our favorite things to do? Stroll through the streets of Monmartre, eat more croissants than you can handle and enjoy the panoramic view of the city from the Sacre-Coeur.


Cityscape of Prague at the sunrise – Czech Republic

There is much more to experience in Prague than bachelor parties and cheap beer. The old town square is probably one of the most beautiful in Europe and the Malá Strana district with its grandeur and baroque gardens is a place not to be missed. Walk in the shadow of the Prague Castle in the evening. This 1000 year old complex is unmistakably impressive.


Portrait of a young, just married couple, during their honeymoon in Amsterdam, Netherlands

You do not have to travel far to make a romantic weekend trip. Our capital, also called a ‘big village’, is compact and perfectly formed. From exploring the cobbled courtyards and canals of the Jordaan to cycling hand-in-hand through the Vondelpark, there are plenty of romantic activities to experience. Our favorite? Rent a boat and picnic with Dutch cheese and sandwiches. Do you prefer to stand firmly on the ground with both feet? Then go to the Hortus Botanicus. This botanical garden is full of natural beauty.


Cozy outdoor cafe in Rome, Lazio, Italy

Every inhabitant of Rome will say that there is no more romantic city than their own. And to be honest they may well be right. Go to an Italian trattoria and enjoy delicious spaghetti, or discover the many ancient monuments that the city has. It is really not difficult to entertain yourself in Rome … here the concept ‘Dolce Vita’ did not come into being for nothing.


Image of Ghent, Belgium during twilight blue hour.

You do not need much time to explore this small Flemish city, making it the perfect destination for a romantic weekend away. Relax in a cafe on the canal and enjoy the view for hours. The Old Beguinage St. Elisabeth is a picturesque area just outside the city center where you can walk around as you sniff the rich history of the city.

St. Petersburg

Monument to Nicholas I (built in 1859) and Saint Isaac Cathedral (built in 1858)

Perhaps St. Petersburg is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of romance. Yet this city deserves a place on the list with its fairytale architecture and interesting history. It is said that the Bridge of Kisses brings good luck for couples, so you will see many kissing lovers every day.

The Winter Canal also has a superstition … according to the legend, you have to go here if you have an unhappy relationship and throw coins in the water while you think about who you love. It is said that this solves all your problems.


view on Bruges. Bergen Norway

Visit the second city of Norway for a dose of Scandinavian charm. Start your weekend at Bryggen (the dock) that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a series of commercial buildings on the east side of the harbor and when you walk through this neighborhood it feels like you have gone back in time. Looking for a nice view of this perfectly located city? Then take the Fløibanen cable car to the top of the Fløyen mountain. A picture-perfect moment for every couple.


cityscape of Zagreb. Croatia.

Although Split and Dubrovnik are popular destinations in summer, the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, is the perfect place during the winter months. Wander through the streets and enjoy the many bars. Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships (hopefully no sign) if you’re looking for a special outing.


Relaxed woman at the window drinking tea

The former capital of Poland has recently become known as a stylish city trip destination. Perfect to take your loved one with you. Visit the old town and enjoy rich Polish dishes in one of the many restaurants around the town square. Walk down the calories by walking over the Bernatka walkway, the perfect place for a kiss.


Pulteney Bridge by dusk, the main tourist attraction in Bath, UK.

Bath is often mentioned as one of the most romantic cities in the United Kingdom and because it is located next to Bristol airport, it is also easy to reach. Have a picnic in the Victoria Park, weather permitting, and eat strawberries together with a view of the magnificent Royal Crescent. Then go to the Bath spa, the only place in England where you can bathe in natural thermal water. Do you have any energy left? Then take a horse and carriage ride through the city to admire iconic Georgian architecture.


Famous vintage tram on street of Old Town, Porto, Portugal

The old trams in Porto give the whole city a historic atmosphere that is slightly romantic. Take a trip along the river that takes you from Ribeira (a UNESCO world heritage site) all the way to Foz, by the sea. Once you get there, walk along the promenade and stop for a lunch with fresh fish. Then return to the city to enjoy the sunset and the view from Serra do Pilar.

Have you chosen a romantic destination for your city trip? Do not forget to pack your camera to capture your magical weekend. When you are back home, you can probably make a photo book as a memento of all the beautiful moments. Check out our tips for making a city trip photobook before you get started.

We hope that these tips have inspired you to go out and book a trip. Or do you perhaps hope that a special person will take you away? Share this blog on social media by clicking on the icons below … maybe the hint will be picked up!

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