Strawberry blond: the new color that is all the rage!

You lack inspiration for your next appointment at the hairdresser? Do not hesitate and opt for the trendiest color of the moment the “strawberry blonde” that will bring nuance to your blonde hair. 

The blond is certainly the  color  that holds the most variations! 

Ashen, honey or platinum, the range of possibilities is extremely wide. But the latest trend of the beginning of 2019 is the “Strawberry Blond”, understand the strawberry blond in French.

This pastel color gives blondes slight shades of pink. No question here to wear  fuchsia hair ultra flashy but rather a pastel hue very soft. For an optimal result, you have to bet on a “wavy” hairstyle. These ripples will give even more depth and reflections to your mane. 

Intensity question, you can modulate the color according to your desire and the desired rendering. The sweeter the scan, the more it will give red shades   or even blonde Venetian to your hair! So tempted?

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