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Microwaves: mistakes to avoid

Tupperware softened, broken plate or even explosion, it is used every day and yet the microwave is sometimes capricious or even dangerous. Here are some mistakes to avoid when using this device. 

Do not opt ​​for the plastic bell 

To avoid the projection of food into the device, it is recommended to cover your dishes and especially the so-called “closed” foods such as peas, beans or seeds. But not with anything. Opt for a plastic bell that holds up to 175 degrees. Ban plastic films that may melt and release – in contact with heat – harmful elements.  

Put any container in the microwave 

Even though the microwave is one of the most practical appliances, there are certain rules to respect. For example: do not put any container in the device. It is PROHIBITED to place any metal, stainless steel or aluminum element in the microwave. The risk ? Let the container warm up and catch fire. As a result, we prefer plastic dishes marked “microwave safe” or Pyrex – this material does not absorb the waves and does not heat – or dishes silicone or ceramic. 

Thaw with the device 

While the “defrost” mode of your device is very convenient, yet you can not thaw everything with it. Indeed, it is advisable to use it for small foods such as vegetables, small pieces of meat or fish. The reason ? Some products will tend to harden and even to “burn”. Moreover, for thawing to be homogeneous, it is preferable to pour the food into a container adapted to microwave waves, some containers of large surfaces can melt or release toxic elements. 

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