Make your best wall decoration ever with our tips

Learn how to make the most of your photos and make your best wall decoration so far with our simple tips.

Give your photos the attention they deserve with our simple creation tips for wall decoration. To make your wall decoration, you can choose our online photo program or our mobile app. If you are not sure which type of wall decoration will look best in your home, then do our quiz. Then you know whether a photo on canvas, aluminum, wood, plexiglass or forex fits best with your interior.

The little moments

Create a wall decoration layout with lots of photos. In the online photo program you can use up to 15 photos in one wall decoration and in the mobile app you can use up to 9. Enough ways to present your moments! You can use photos with a low resolution of your phone to make a series of small wall decorations. Perfect for the home.

Tell a story with wall decoration

With an event such as a wedding or holiday, it is not surprising that your entire camera is full. Save yourself the tricky task of choosing only one and use a wall decoration layout that lets you tell a story. A series with your favorite photos show so much more than just one moment.

If you store photos in the right order on your phone, it is even easier to choose a series. We have put together the ultimate manual for organizing and organizing your photos.

Creative with color

Wall decoration must be completed according to your taste, so choose a color scheme that matches the design of your home. Bright colors and striking backgrounds are perfect for bright, colorful living spaces, while a series of black-and-white photographs are beautifully presented in a modernly decorated house.

Words and quotes

Add words or sayings to your photos by using our favorite photo editing apps before uploading them to our photo program. Or make wall decoration in the app and add text directly thanks to a recent update. For example, add an inspiring lesson in life to a holiday photo …

Artistic effects

If you have taken a picture of a building or landscape, it can be nice to zoom in on a specific detail on the photo. That gives an unusual effect that you will not see anywhere else. We love close-up pictures of tiles and interesting textures in nature. The lines on a leaf or knots and details of tree bark are also good subjects for wall decoration. View our city photography tips for more inspiration.

Are you inspired by these useful tips? Then immediately get started and make your wall decoration. With this advice in mind, making beautiful wall decorations for home is even easier!

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