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How to choose your lipstick?

Since the beginning of time, lipstick has been the must-have when it comes to make-up. It enhances the complexion and comes in a multitude of colors for our greatest pleasure. But among this very wide choice of hues and textures, how to find the lipstick that suits you best? To choose your lipstick, you must take into account a number of parameters such as the color of the complexion, hair, the shape of the lips or age. To be sure to find the right shade and texture, here’s how to find it.

The lipstick and the complexion

If you have a fairly clear skin, most shades can go, but bright red remains the color that goes best with porcelain skins. You can also opt for an orangey red, but it is advisable to avoid too dark hues. For golden skins, you can choose flashy colors like fuchsia or coral, but avoid plum tones. When mixed skin, it will prefer the warm tones and roses, but the hues purples, plums and browns are going to delight!

The lipstick and the shape of my mouth

Lips thin or luscious, we do not put the shape of the lips in value in the same way. If you have thin lips, it will absolutely be necessary to avoid the matte finish of the lipsticks that you choose. Although the matte finish is ultra-trend, it will unfortunately tend to harden the features. Do not forget the pencil for the lip contour to create the illusion of luscious lips. For luscious lips, on the other hand, we can afford matte finishes, and we avoid too bright colors to create harmony.

Lipstick and my hair color

You can choose your lipstick according to its hair color only if it is natural. For natural blondes, apricot hues, peach or cherry. For chestnut and brown colors, we can afford a little eccentricity in the colors, all colors are good to put on condition that they are in line with the color of the complexion. For reds however, we prefer the matte finishes of lipsticks.

Lipstick and age

We do not wear makeup at age 60, as we did at age 25. The hues and textures of lipstick that you used at one time may not be appropriate today. The first rule to follow after a certain age is not to wear nude lipsticks, which will give a dull effect to the complexion. In addition, it will opt for lipstick cream texture to avoid highlighting the small wrinkles of the lips. In addition, we opt for a glossy or pearlescent finish to give radiance to the complexion.

Evening makeup

A bright lipstick during the day can sometimes seem dull at night. But no need to opt for colors too far, it will simply choose the colors that suit you better, but with more intensity. You can choose a more intense lipstick by comparing its hue with your favorite lipstick, or you can layer the layers so that it is clearly visible in dim light.

And for those who do not like flashy lipsticks?

Of course, not everyone is keen on bright reds and flashy colors. It is not because we have clear skin that we necessarily want to opt for a bright red! This is why there are nudes, these lipsticks that give a natural look to all makeup. Depending on the color of our lips, we opt for the hue above to unify the color of the lips and make a very natural makeup. Matt or satin? It is up to you to choose according to the shape of your lips, but the mat has of course a more natural effect.

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