How to boost your style without spending anything?

Being stylish does not necessarily mean having the latest fashionable piece, but rather mastering the art of combining the finds that abound our closets.

Restraining his jacket

The infallible trick to upgrade an outfit: the belt. But beware, no question of putting it stupidly on pants. It is worn over a jacket, coat or even a mesh to subtly emphasize the size.

Wear one earring

No need to make tons: we put on the mono-earring to awake a look a little too wise.

forget his sneakers

If you categorically refuse to leave your uniform “jeans + t-shirt”, you simply swap your sneakers for a pair of mid-high pumps (comfort above all) to turn a casual outfit into something much chicer.

Turning his dress coat 

Do not limit yourself to just one use of a garment. Very worn by donning your oversized coat or jacket as a dress. If the length is too short, catch up with the choice of flat shoes or high boots to cover more of the legs.

Multiply jackets

Why limit yourself to one jacket? Play on the lengths by wearing a fluid trench coat or a long woolen coat over a shorter jacket like a blazer.

Play overlay

 Giving a second life to your little black dress or even your combination has never been easier. By adding an immaculate loose shirt or a simple white T-shirt, not only breaks the classic look, but it also allows you to wear your pieces beyond the summer season.

Recycle her summer dress

In winter, warm up your light dress in jeans, or a turtleneck for the most chilly.

Breaking codes

No need to deny it: at the bottom of your wardrobe is most certainly hidden a sequined item that you had bought for a New Year’s Eve. As a result, you only wore it once. We bring out her sequined skirt or metallic top and play it down with a really casual piece like a rock t-shirt or boyfriend jeans.

Digging up the sir cupboards

To save money on shopping, do not hesitate to draw in the wardrobe of the gentleman to find the ideal room. Oversized jacket, bomber, or loose shirt: just use it.

Sticking Out classic

Can not go wrong with good basics. Some pieces like a  sailor, well-cut jeans or a trench will ensure a flawless every time.

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