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Graphic decoration trend 2019

Inspired by both 70s pop and new technologies, the graphic design is all the rage and is now a deco movement. Its bright colors and clean lines unveil a freshness and pep’s that offer a real temperament to your home or apartment!

The basics of graphic decoration

Shapes and colors

Graphic deco is first produced through geometric shapes: furniture and decorative elements with shapes and straight lines, rectangular, and square are the essential bases. Until then, nothing very complicated, but for a guaranteed graphic effect, it is then necessary to associate these shapes with the right colors!

For an ultra chic and trendy atmosphere, play the classy card by opting for the “Black & White” decor! If black and white are the colors par excellence of this trend, you can also liven up your bedroom or living room by adding a little vivacity! Fill in the black and white with more flashy touches playing with bright yellows or turquoise shades. For the more adventurous who would be afraid of getting bored, we can play parsimoniously with pastel colors, for a cocooning and trendy atmosphere.

The furniture

For the most imposing furniture in the house, such as shelves, tables, chairs, and armchairs, the key is to create a balance between understated and design elements (play on light colors!) And star elements, like a pretty vintage and colorful armchair! Be careful not to put too much, to keep an airy and pleasant space. We then embellish the furniture by associating them with unique decorative objects and funkys, even retro! 

Start: where to start?

Now that you know the basics of graphic design, here’s how to apply it to your home easily and quickly.

Determine your budget

No need to ruin yourself: the graphic deco adapts to all budgets! For the lightest purses, think of the best way to optimize the furniture that you already have, and prefer decorative objects with a graphic look, which will be harmoniously associated with your little home. If you have a creative soul, get started! Roll up the sleeves, sand and repaint your furniture! A bedside table flea market can become a beautiful object (and unique!) If you apply to him a layer of bright yellow and varnish, for example! Then complete your decor with small touches, for example by choosing geometric and colorful cushion covers that will wake up your sofa.

Essential accessories :

You were told that you should avoid accumulating too many items, yet some accessories are essential for a piece to be fully dressed! For example, it is important to have a nice ceiling light because even if it does not look, it overhangs a whole room … dress his room to the ceiling is to beautify from head to toe!

The metamorphosis of your home can also go through a simple change of bed linen! 

The secret to revamp your interior is to choose the right furniture and to combine some unique accessories. Privilege geometric shapes, dare colors and some retro accessories. Your turn now !

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