Fruits: how to consume them well

To be healthy, nutritional programs recommend eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Fruits are essential for health, but it is even more essential to know how to consume them properly to enjoy all their benefits. In addition, fruits that are eaten at the wrong time and in the wrong form can cause undesirable effects on the digestive system. Here are some ways to learn how to consume fruits and how to properly integrate them into a healthy diet.

When to eat the fruits?

To take full advantage of all the nutrients offered by fruits, you need to know what is the best time to consume them. For this, some of our deeply rooted habits – which we believe to be healthy – must be abandoned in favor of more appropriate options. The moment to consume a fruit is decisive in the context of our diet.

Consume a fruit at the end of the meal: the false good idea

Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals. They also have a high water content, which prevents the human body from being dehydrated. They are a significant source of fiber and the fructose they contain gives it a low glycemic index. This is partly why you should not eat them anytime. At the end of a meal, a fruit always seems like a good idea, a healthy option that makes you feel better. But think again! Eating a fruit at the end of a meal is a very bad idea. The sugars and fibers contained in the fruits will be very poorly assimilated by the body, and for good reason: the fruits will ferment and the sugars will turn into alcohol, and the nutrients of the fruit will not be properly assimilated. To assimilate these nutrients,

Eat a fruit on an empty stomach, the best option

To be sure to fully benefit from their nutritional benefits, it is better to eat the fruits on an empty stomach. Eating a fruit fasting to a peculiarity: it is not digested by the stomach but by the small intestine, and this is how the nutrients in the body are more easily released. If the stomach is not empty, the fruit will be forced to ferment and you will lose most of its nutrients. A fruit takes about twenty minutes to be digested fasting; so respect this time of digestion before eating something else, your body will thank you! Fruits should be consumed outside of meals to enjoy all that they have to offer.

How to eat your fruit?

This is the second big question that must be asked to consume fruit properly. Does my supermarket orange juice count as a fruit? Does my squeezed juice have the same virtues as the fruit itself? And is it better to consume it raw or cooked? The shape of the fruits is important to assimilate them properly.

Juices: health or placebo allies?

A number of people prefer to consume fruit in the form of juice. Simpler, faster and for some more enjoyable, juices are a good alternative to consume fruit. But is drinking a juice the same as eating a fruit? The answer is no, of course. First of all, you should know that the juices you buy in the supermarket have nothing to do with the juice in a hurry, and that in some cases they are not good for health unfortunately. In addition, when you make your juice yourself, you must keep a maximum of pulp, because it is she who brings the fibers.  

Cooked or raw, how to preserve nutrients?

Between fruit raw or cooked, the question does not arise: to enjoy all the nutrients of a fruit, it is better to consume raw – cooking often leading to a loss of vitamins and precious minerals. In addition, be aware that blenders and centrifuges cause a warming of the fruit and therefore a loss of vitamins: therefore prefer juice extractors if you prefer to consume the fruit in liquid.

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