Discovery: organic silicon

Silicon is a mineral present in our bones. It participates in bone formation and collagen formation, and helps maintain the flexibility of our body. The only concern is that what we eat brings us very little of this essential mineral. As we age, the silicon content is lower, until it becomes nonexistent. But consuming organic silicon has many other advantages, let’s see instead.

The inner benefits of organic silicon

Organic silicon has many health benefits. If its virtues are valued for the health of bones and joints, silicon is also an asset for the immune system and the proper functioning of the brain.

Preserve bones and joints

Silica in the bones allows calcium to be absorbed. Calcium and vitamin D are not enough to keep bones healthy. Without silica, the bones become fragile, which is why it is sometimes advisable to take additional during a fracture or sprain. Consuming organic silicon strengthens not only the bones but also the joints.

Silicon for the immune and cardiovascular system

Organic silicon is also known to help in the production of antibodies and antigens. During an infection, it can help defend the immune system. But that’s not all, silicon also protects against cardiovascular diseases: it strengthens the blood vessels and can prevent coronary heart disease. Protector of vital tissues, its consumption in addition can have a real advantage, especially as you get older.

Silicon versus Alzheimer’s?

Many studies have been conducted on Alzheimer’s disease and ways to prevent it. An accumulation of aluminum in the brain could be one of the causes of the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and silicon drastically decreases the level of aluminum in the brain. You will understand, to fight against the signs of age, regular consumption of organic silicon is a major asset.

The external benefits of organic silicon

Apart from its health benefits, organic silicon also has many beauty assets. Skin, hair and nails: it keeps them healthy and improves their appearance.

A beauty and health asset for the skin

The dermis of the skin is composed of three quarters of collagen. Silica forms the collagen present in the skin, it allows it to be elastic and protects it against external aggressions. The organic silicon taken in addition helps to maintain a young and elastic skin, but also a skin in good health. It is ideal to fight against skin aging. You can also apply organic silicon gel directly on the skin, in daily care pure or mixed with a cream.

Silicon, an ally of the hair

Alopecia and baldness can be due to a diet too low in essential nutrients, and especially low in silicon. Silicon can be a convincing supplement to fight against early baldness. It plays an important role in the growth of the hair and would even accelerate it. In addition, by consuming organic silicon, the hair grows not only stronger and healthier, but also shiny.

The effect of silicon on the nails

Silicon protects the nails and makes them grow healthier, it plays a leading role for them to be healthy because it is it that helps fight against infections and fungal infections. People whose nails break easily most likely suffer from a deficiency of silicon and calcium. There are several solutions: the first is to make a silicon cure to solve the discomfort associated with nails, to keep them beautiful and healthy, or opt for a special polish enriched with silicon. The only drawback of varnish is that it can also contain toxic agents. A feed containing organic silicon can therefore be considered first.

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