Denver: a modern city in the mountains

When you want to travel to the United States, it is easier to hit major cities such as New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles, or we opt for a road trip that will take us to discover the Grand Canyon . Want to discover the United States differently? Let’s go to Denver, the Colorado capital of the American West. This city is full of activities and sites to discover, and here are some reasons to get your luggage ready for Denver.

Denver, a boon for skiers

The peculiarity of Denver is to be located at about 1,600 meters above sea level, which is very surprising given its appearance as a typical American city with its buildings and gigantic football stadiums. Altitude sometimes means mountains as well, and Denver is not far from many ski resorts. What delight many skiers! Ski resorts are located most of the time just an hour from the state capital of Colorado.

Between modern city and wild west village

If you did not know it, Denver was once the capital of the Gold Rush and many buildings bear witness to the western spirit that still reigns over the megalopolis. Between tall buildings, you will find small stalls that sell the perfect cowboy paraphernalia, such as the Rockmount Ranch Wear, which has dressed up some of the biggest names in Western cinema. In addition, every year, the city hosts the national festival of western and rodeo, where you can see bison and cows roam the streets. Only a few miles from town, in the village of Golden, you can visit the famous Buffalo Bill museum, which also houses its tomb.

Red Rocks: on the trail of great musicians

A few kilometers from the bustle of the city is an exceptional venue that has brought together some of the biggest names in music: the Red Rocks Amphitheater. The amphitheater of Red Rocks is the only natural amphitheater of the country, perched on red and ocher rocks with steps cut in stone. In this wonder of nature, groups such as Rolling Stones, Sting or Beatles have occurred. Normally, Red Rocks is open to the public.

You are sports? You will love !

Denver is also a perfect city for athletes. Indeed, the city has not only gigantic infrastructure dedicated to sport, which will make you want to loaf more weight training, but the geographical location of the city allows to practice a wide variety of sports. As we said, you can ski just an hour away from the city, but you can also hike and trail in the surrounding hills, rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the rivers flowing into the city. city ​​and around, and cycling on the cycle paths that crisscross the city.

A city of modern art

Denver is also a city of modern art. And no, it’s not just the remains of the Gold Rush! In the city center, there are countless buildings with atypical forms that house museums and all types of exhibitions such as the Denver Art Museum for example. But in the city, it is not only museums that reflect the spirit of modern art: you will come across statues and modern works of all kinds just by strolling. The huge blue bear of the Mile High City or the Performing Art Center are must see.

The Lower Downtown, do not miss it!

The Lower Downtown, or LoDo for Intimate, is not only the historic district of Denver but also the area with the largest concentration of bars and restaurants. The neighborhood is very lively at night and on weekends and concentrates local youth. But the neighborhood is also very lively by day, with its shops and cafes. All atmospheres mingle in this district, festive or cozy, historic or modern, LoDo will undoubtedly become your favorite neighborhood!

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