Choose the perfect wall decoration gift based on these quick questions

Wall decoration is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that your friends and family will love, but it can be difficult to do it right. But because it is something that they will hang in their house, it is important to choose the style that suits their interior and personality.

That’s why we came up with a short quiz. Answer a few simple questions about your loved ones and we will tell you which wall decoration suits them.


1. How would you describe their home?

  • Warm, cozy and always full of family
  • Minimalist and modern
  • Clean lines with some color here and there
  • Stylish and according to the latest trends
  • Comfortable and homely with many plants

2. What is the color choice for their interior?

  • Canary yellow
  • White
  • Azure
  • Neutral colors
  • Dark green

3. What is their favorite room in the house?

  • The living room, because that is where the whole family always comes together
  • The stainless steel kitchen, because it is not messy there
  • The dining room because they entertain themselves there and show off their photos
  • The bedroom, because it is minimalistic and chic but still cozy
  • The conservatory, because it just looks like you’re sitting outside

4. Which photos are always in their home?

  • A lot of pictures of family and friends
  • Some cityscapes from places they’ve been to
  • Brightly colored photos of distant destinations
  • Black and white photographs of artistic scenes
  • Beaches and lots of photos of nature


Especially A – Take a canvas wall decoration for them

Stylish and traditional, a personal photo on canvas will brighten up their home. The pin-sharp details are perfect for photos of people and places.

Especially B – Take a plexiglass wall decoration for them

Their home is refined, just like them. Tight plexiglass wall decoration will match perfectly with their modern style.

Especially C – Take a forex wall decoration for them

A simple photo on forex will fit their down-to-earth style. They can hang it anywhere and let the intense colors speak.

Especially D – Take an aluminum wall decoration for them

With an aluminum photo print, a stylish breeze will go through their house. Popular for black / white photo prints, the matte finish is modern and tough.

Especially E – Take a photo of wood for them

A photo on wood adds some rustic charm to their home. The natural wood will fit seamlessly with the environment, for a modest look.

Whatever the result, you do not feel obliged to stick to one style

Making a number of wall decorations from different materials is also a nice gift tip and means that they can create a beautiful collection.

Another option is to make some photo prints for them of favorite moments that you have experienced together. They are fast, simple and can be displayed creatively.

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