Arizona like you’ve never seen

In the heart of the American Southwest, Arizona is teeming with natural wonders, bustling cities and charming little towns. If cities like Phoenix and Sedona are great vacation destinations, you can go beyond urban centers to discover Native American cliffs and remnants of ancient cultures, historic mine-era ghost towns and a unique landscape.

Arizona is home to deserts, lakes, mountains, canyons, saguaro cacti, hills, waterfalls and even a volcano to ski on. As you can see, Arizona is full of activities and places to visit. We have selected a few to make your next Arizona vacation unforgettable!

The Grand Canyon, not to be missed

It’s one of the greatest attractions in Arizona, and even the United States: the Grand Canyon is a spectacular place. This incredible landscape has been carved by the Colorado River, which can be seen in the distance. Most visitors see the canyon from the south shore, where there are many monitoring areas along the road, as well as bridges along the edge of the canyon. The north shore offers a totally different view, but the road is closed in winter. For those who want to see more closely, it is possible to hike the Grand Canyon or take a helicopter ride to cross the canyon.

The city of Sedona

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and mounds of red rocks, Sedona is one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. About an hour and a half drive north of Phoenix, it will take a full day to visit the city. All around Sedona, you’ll find great hiking and biking trails, but jeep tours are the most popular in the area. There are also a number of old Native American homes in the area that you can visit alone or as part of an excursion. Sedona is considered by many to be a very spiritual place. The city is known for its vortex energy, which is found in many places around the city.

Monument Valley

One of the most iconic images of the southwest is the sandstone hills that dominate Monument Valley. This unique location straddles the Arizona-Utah border, and features many scary rocks, spiers and stone hills, not to mention the many sand dunes. At the heart of the valley is the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, which features an impressive visitor center and a 27 km self-serve walk along a gravel road through the park. You can also take a guided tour to get more information on the area.

Establish your neighborhoods in Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​an ideal base for exploring Arizona, but it is also a major winter destination for golfers and sun worshipers who simply want to enjoy a resort or spa stay a little time to bask in the desert heat. In the Phoenix area, which includes Scottsdale and Mesa, you’ll find many shops, restaurants, golf courses, desert parks that are great for walking, hiking, biking, and great attractions. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Heard Museum and Taliesin West top the list of places to visit around Phoenix.

The Havasu Falls

Near Supai, in the Havasupai Indian Reserve, are the Havasu Falls. The pools at the foot of Havasu Falls have a bluish green hue. In the Havasu Creek Canyon, a tributary of Colorado, about 450 Havasupai Indians (the “blue-green water people”) lead a peaceful life, living from their modest agricultural activities and now tourism. In this paradisiacal valley, the Havasu have created many waterfalls and dug ponds in the rock which form pretty bathing pools. Attention: to enter, visitors must reserve, obtain authorization and pay a fee.

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