Wear well printed

There are thousands of print designs for all styles and tastes. They highlight worthy outfits and most of them like the plaid or leopard pattern are timeless. But beware ! You can not wear prints anyhow. Some rules are to be respected when one carries a print or that one wishes to grant several. Here are some ways to wear the prints.

The print as a strong piece of the outfit

The best way to wear the print is to make it the main piece of the outfit. In addition, if you are not very comfortable with the codes of fashion, this is the best way to avoid missteps.

Make it the unique piece of your outfit

By wearing the print as a unique piece of clothing, you’ll be sure to put on your outfit! You can opt for a dress or a combination with a print with a small plain color jacket. But you can also make a coat the centerpiece of your outfit during the long winter days. It will therefore opt for a rather dark print with shades of gray, brown or midnight blue for example.

Highlight the print as a strong piece

You can opt for a piece of printed outfit, a blouse, a skirt or pants for example. To highlight them, here are some tracks. With a multicolored skirt for example, you can easily associate a white or black top, or opt for a top that takes one of the colors present on the skirt. With floral blouses, prefer trousers or jeans skirts, because they will emphasize this type of print well.

What accessories with prints?

Now that prints are given to the outfit, the risk is to choose inappropriate accessories that ruin your outfit. Here are the few rules to follow!

Bet on neutral colors

When you want to highlight prints on an outfit, accessories must blend into the rest of the outfit to be able to agree properly. For this, better bet on neutral colors such as black, gray, cream or camel that go with everything. Do not forget the nude colors that also have their effect alongside the prints.

Resume a color of the print

But neutral colors are not the only solution available to highlight the prints of your outfit! If you have flashy colors on the print you’re wearing, you can also choose an accessory from any of the colors on the print. But beware ! Here is the main mistake to avoid: the accessory must be the same color, not a shade lighter or darker, otherwise it will detonate on the rest of the outfit.

How to marry prints?

If you thought that wearing multiple types of prints at the same time was not possible, think again! Some types of prints can be worn on the same outfit, and see which ones.

H3 Winning mixes

Among the blends that you can wear without worry, there is the black and white sailor print with the leopard print. A mixture that seems delicate, but worn with black accessories and a black perfecto, guaranteed effect! Another interesting mix of prints: floral and leopard print, opting for the floral print on the outfit and the leopard print on the accessory. And finally, the black and white sailor print with floral print works great too!

Mixtures to dare

Other mixes are worth experimenting! For example, you can play on the tones of two different prints, with an identical color scheme but a different pattern. But that’s not all, feel free to play on the size of prints for example, with a more visible print and a more discreet. To find harmony with prints, you have to experiment with different patterns and different textures, and who knows, you may be at the forefront of a new fashion!

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