8 Unique and Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Dear Ones

Just a little more than a week left for doing all the shopping for the last minute Christmas gifts for all your loved ones. Whether it is for the special he or she or the little ones or your mom or dad or brother, your choice of gift must make him pleased and that is why unique choices are so special. Every one of us is special and so, why not a unique gift that would surprise him or her in an unpredictable way. But in the name of unique ideas you just cannot go weird, especially when it is Christmas, most valued festive season of the year. Though you can always have a better idea, let us offer here 8 unique gift ideas for all your loved ones this Christmas.

1. A bottle of Italian balsamic vinegar for food freak mom  

Most of us know that our good hearted cooking specialist moms have a soft corner for exotic spices, sauces, vinegars and other food ingredients. She already has an array of appliances and expensive cutleries and porcelain but she misses the taste of aged cheese or a bottle of Italian balsamic vinegar or just a bottle of original spaghetti sauce from Tuscany. This Christmas you can just give her a surprise with any of these. She deserves this, with her awesome cooking skills!

2. A play station for your kid

Christmas gifts are mainly for kids and they know it. But you cannot satiate their expectation with little toys, handheld games and bikes. They remain glued to the screen whenever they find their enormous Batman and superman is in action. The newest play station with a pack of thrilling games is the ultimate gift for most digitally engaged kids. Buy buying them one at least you can better control their gaming times at home. A happy child and a play station at home, unbeatable company!  

3. A Kindle reader for your bookworm papa

When your book lover dad goes on buying the old volumes of classics and always plans for a bigger bookcase you feel sorry for him. Because, you know most of these books have no copyright and they can just be read online or downloaded anytime. But, your ageing papa has never found these illuminated gadgets interesting. This Christmas gift him a Kindle reader to read countless books in a thin handheld device with a complete page-like feel while reading. Just in few days the old man would spend most of his reading time looking at it. You have actually gifted him a freedom, nothing less!  

4. A Bose audio system for your music lover sister

Your college going sister has never found her speakers good enough for the kind of music she loves to listen. She never complained but you could sense her frustration with the sound several times. Why not give her a surprise this Christmas that she will adore as something godsend? Yes, you can just draw the widest smile from her by giving a Bose audio system to her. You can recreate music for her with such a precious little gift!

5. A portable 3D printer for your craft loving girlfriend

Your girlfriend may have a passion for handicrafts and she may always finds something lacking in her arrangements while giving shape to anything. Raw ingredients do not have much worth as she always finds something new as interesting. How to please her with something capable to add value in her craftsmanship? You may have wondered hell and heaven for an idea until you could see that a small 3D printer can produce designed objects as per the cauterized design. For any craftsman a 3D printer is an awesome tool and considering the price it is an expensive gift idea as well. But, she, the most special in your life deserves that.

6. A hair re-growth therapy pack for your balding friend

Your dearest friend might have a receding hairline and just succumbed to luck instead of considering a treatment. This Christmas with a surprise gift you can just make the most valuable contribution in his life. After credible research just offer him a one year hair re-growth treatment pack from a reputed brand. Remember, he may not show his happiness but would be delighted to have it. Let Christmas be a value addition, in a different way.  

7. A yoga club subscription for your overstressed boyfriend

Most professionals these days are overstressed and your boyfriend is very likely to be one of them. While seeing him happy and stress free is your heartfelt wish, you always wondered as how to make that happen. You have tried hopelessly by imploring him to join a yoga class but without a result. This Christmas, let’s give a desperate last try by offering him a yoga club subscription for a whole year. He may find it difficult, obligatory but in the end by attending once or twice can find it interesting. That’s a huge achievement on your part, for the most loved one in your life.  

8. A spy camera pen for your naughty brother

Your little naughty brother has grown as a silent tech wizard and voracious reader of thrillers and spy stories. You know his weird imagination is always bent on maneuvering objects with a hidden purpose and technique. This Christmas you can plan a really out-worldly gift for your ‘James Bond’ brother. A spy camera pen is a provoking gift but for making him happy there cannot be a better idea.  

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