8 tips to capture sunset photos as a professional

Our favorite days always end with a beautiful sunset. We have a few simple tips that ensure that you can capture everything with a camera.

Sunsets have long been a favorite subject for photographers because of the changing light, the beautiful landscapes, and fascinating shadows. Sunsets are the most popular scene printed on our wall decoration; it seems that you also like to photograph them.

We have 8 simple sunset photography tips to make your sunset photos even better. From capturing silhouettes to the optimal use of fading light.

Be on time

Go to the App Store and download a sunrise and sunset timing app. (Many weather apps also have this function.) That way you never miss a sunset.

Be aware of the horizon

In most sunset photos the horizon is the eye-catcher, so make sure you are careful when you position it. If the sky is really beautiful, place the horizon in the bottom third of the photo. If the sunset is over the sea and makes reflections, place the horizon in the top third of the picture.

  • TIP: You must also ensure that you keep the horizon straight. Nothing makes a sunset photo less beautiful than an unstable horizon.

Play with silhouettes

Making a silhouette in the foreground will give your sunset photos a sense of perspective. You can ask friends to shape in the foreground with their hands for a nice effect or to use palm trees and boats.

  • TIP: watch out for birds! A few birds cap your photo make the photo even more beautiful.

Take advantage of reflections

If you are on the beach, the reflections of the sun on the water can be impressive. However, if you are in town, watch a sunset that reflects on glass buildings or windows. The way in which the light is reflected can give very interesting images.

Create a portrait format

Turn the flash on and use it only for taking a standing photo of someone at sunset. It will underline their properties and prevent the photo from becoming too dark.

Wait for some clouds

Sheep clouds are ideal. The light will be reflected from behind and create interesting shapes. After a thunderstorm when the sky becomes clear, the circumstances are best to photograph a sunset.

Stay a little longer

After the sun has sunk below the horizon, the sky will continue to change color for an hour and a half. Keep hanging around to see this spectacle and capture more colors.

Turn around

Not only where the sun is, the sky can show an overwhelming display. When you look around and behind you, you could capture a number of interesting colors and different lights.

All you need now is a clear evening to go out and practice your sunset shooting skills. For more photography tips like this, view our photography tips and tricks. Be inspired by our handy, easy-to-follow tips that ensure you get the best possible photos.

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