8 smartphone camera tips to improve your photos

You will be amazed at the quality of your smartphone photos thanks to our simple smartphone camera tips.

You carry your phone everywhere with you and it is therefore perfect to capture special moments that you would miss with a normal camera. With the development of smartphone photography in recent years, many smartphones have excellent cameras that allow you to take photos that you would never expect to have been made with a phone.

View our 8 tips to get the best out of your smartphone camera.

1. Clean the lens

Clean the lens of the camera regularly when you take pictures. Dust and stains on the lens ensure that your photos have a grainy quality.

2. Set a high resolution

The higher resolution of the photo, the better quality. Because of the sharpness, your smartphone photos look much more professional. The larger your files are, the more difficult it is to store them. Read our manual on organizing photos.

3. Get to know the software

You will be amazed by the many options of your smartphone camera. The best smartphone cameras have options such as panorama, HDR, and bokeh (blur) as well as basic options such as video, flash and automatic focusing. The (re) knowing of these options ensures that you do not miss anything when you are messing around with the settings.

4. Stand still

When using your smartphone’s camera, the same basic rules of photography apply, which also apply when using a digital camera. Therefore stand still to take a better picture. You can let your smartphone lean against a stable object, such as a tree or wall, which then works as an improvised tripod.

5. Cut at, do not zoom

The zoom function of your smartphone camera often results in lower resolution and quality. The best smartphone cameras usually have an 8-megapixel resolution. This means that you can crop pictures and still retain a quality picture.

6. Use HDR

Every smartphone camera now has HDR settings, but many users do not know exactly what it does. The HDR function takes three photos with different exposures and emphasizes the best parts of each photo. Your smartphone then does the rest of the work – it makes a regular photo and an HDR photo. The result is more like what you see with your own eyes, instead of what the camera sees.

7. Use the self-timer

No more crazy arms in the picture and awkward, embarrassing angles when taking selfies. Turn your camera on the self-timer.

8. Use photo editing apps

Not every photo you take is perfect, so take advantage of the many possibilities of smartphone photo editing apps. Our list helps you choose the best app for you.

The best thing about smartphone photography is that you can capture special, unexpected moments. View our photography tips, for more inspiration and ideas for beach photography and bokeh photography.

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