6 Venice Attractions You cannot Miss

Venice was the epicenter of the Renaissance, where grand heritage and rich cultural lineage vibrates in every pore of the city. At 827 A.D a Byzantine duke moved his seat to the place, now named Rialto and formed the Most Serene Republic of Venice that was prospered on trade under the rule of Roman-style Senate headed by the Doge. In 1797 the city faced an unrecovered blow from Napoleon who conquered it.  With such grandeur of heritage this literally floating city is really breathtaking with its canals, water transport, floating markets and so on. So it’s easy to determine the importance of the city in your travel map. Here is our top 6 attractions of Venice that you cannot afford to miss.

1. St. Mark’s Basilica

St Mark’s Basilica is one of the best Iconic Church of Venice formerly a private chapel of the Doge’s, constructed first in 828to preserve the remains of St. Mark brought by the Venetian merchants from Alexandria. The present Basilica was built in 11th century with the unique design that mixes eastern and western building styles and forms the best example of Byzantine architecture. The interior of the church contains 4,240 square meters of gold mosaics cover the domes and walls. The finest golden altarpiece in Europe ‘Pala d’Oro’ is waiting inside to amaze you with its 2000 gems and precious stones.

2. St Mark’s Square

St Mark’s Square is the main square of Venice surrounded by great architectures is mostly loved as Venice’s living room. The place of gathering, strolling, drinking coffee or meeting friends is designated Piazza San Marco where stands the St. Mark’s Basilica as a centerpiece. The Doge’s palace is another prime building of beautiful Gothic structure around St. Mark’s Square. There are two columns paying homage to a pair of Venetian Patrons St. Mark and St. Teodoro. The Square is full of pigeons but the feeding of those is banned recently by law.

3. Canal Grande (Grand Canal)

The ancient Canal, lined with Venetian-Gothic buildings of 13th to 18th century, flows through Venice in the shape of a reverse ‘S’. Starts from Saint Mark Basin and ends up to a lagoon near Santa Lucia rail station after traveling 3,800 meters long distance. The major Water traffic of Venice floats through this canal while the foot traffic crosses it through the bridges like Rialto Bridge, the Ponte Degli Scalzi and the Ponte dell’ Accademia etc. A ride through the Canal can draw a deep impression about the city on a tourist’s heart.  

4. Bridge of Sighs

‘’I stood in Venice on the Bridge of Sighs, a palace and prison on each hand’’ uttered one of the major poet of Romantic era Lord Byron. Venice itself is the most Romantic city of Italy, and Bridge of Sighs is the most iconic gem of it. This is also believed that a couple kisses under the bridge on gondola at sunset, they will enjoy eternal love. On the Palace River ‘Rio di Palazzo’ the bridge was made to connect the old prison and interrogation rooms in the Doge’s palace, situated across the river. It was designed by Antonio Contino and built at the beginning of 17th century.

5. Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)

The most visited bridge in Venice Rialto is famous to the tourists for being gathered in their camera easily. In the heart of the city it connects two districts San Polo and San Marco across the Grand Canal since 1591. For nearly 300 years it was the only way to cross Grand Canal on foot. To make it, several artists and architects were considered for the design including Michelangelo, but finally it was done by Anthony da Ponte.

6. Gondola

These historic rowing boats were the main form of transportation through the canals of Venice at a time, while today, used as the sightseeing vessels for tourists. Here a Gondola ride is an option that a traveler hardly can resist but the couples enjoy it most and become romantically engaged with it throughout the journey on the canals.

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