6 creative ways to remember your year with photos

From a photo book full of nice memories to photo prints with the most beautiful moments. These are our favorite creative ways to make a memento of the past year.

We do not know how it is, but we sometimes have trouble remembering what our breakfast was, let alone what we did in the past year. That’s why we think it’s important to make beautiful photo products from your favorite moments of the past year. From creating a photo book with all the small moments of the last 12 months to compiling a calendar with a monthly reminder of what you did last year. Discover 7 creative ways to make 2017 unforgettable …

Create a yearbook

Make a photo album full of photos from the past year and create your own personal yearbook! Choose your favorite moments and add them to your book. You can also scan nice memories from 2017, such as airline tickets, and add them to your photo book. You can, for example, do this in chronological order, so that you can look back at the year every month.

Use our mosaic layout for wall decoration

We have a brand new layout for wall decoration that allows you to display between four and 81 photos in a mosaic grid. This is perfect for printing your Instagram photos and to bring your photos to life on the wall. You can also choose a specific theme, such as black and white photos from 2017 and print them together on one wall decoration.

Design a photo wall

Instead of holding on to only one wall decoration on the wall, you can also create a series of multiple wall decorations and hang them together. Every time you look at it you have a nice memory of your year. Use different materials, sizes and shapes to create a beautiful contrast.

Create a personal calendar

Creating a calendar for 2018, with photos from 2017, is a nice way to look back on the past year. Every month you are reminded of what you did during the past year in that period. Choose your favorite photo from each month and use it for your calendar.

Print retro photos

Our retro photo prints are a stylish way to remember the past year and they also provide a cozy vintage atmosphere at home. You can choose your favorite photo from every month, or even every week, and have them printed. When you do this in the mobile app, you can also add colored borders to your photos. Add data to the photos or text with up to 36 characters to describe your photo.

Send a new year card

Keep your friends and family informed of what you did in 2017 with a New Year card. Use photos from the past year and also add photos of them to share your moments together.

From a month to a month photo book to a simple New Year card for friends and family … We hope that these creative ideas help you to make a beautiful souvenir.

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