5 signs that show you have too many clothes

Do you want to slow down your purchases of clothes and stop accumulating too many clothes in your dressing room? Or simply do a big sort in your closets, which tend to overflow? Discover the 10 signs that prove you have a little too much clothing and the solutions to fix it.

1 – You can not put away your cupboards anymore

Your cabinets, wardrobes and drawers are jam-packed? Do you have more space to store your clothes, and they hang around your room? It may be, or even surely, the sign of an overflow of clothes. The same is true if you no longer have hangers available or your furniture serves as a temporary dressing room . If you can not keep your dressing room organized, there are too many rooms. To remedy this, take the time to take out all your clothes, shoes and accessories from your storage and make a big sorting before storing again.

2 – The choice of your outfit takes you time in the morning

Every morning, you hesitate before deciding on your outfit? You may have too many choices … There are only seven days in a week, and having too much clothing does not always allow you to wear them all. Determine which clothes are useful, which you like, which ones you wear and which ones you wear . The choice of your outfit will be easy, and you will gain both time and space in your closets!

3 – There are clothes that you do not wear or more

To force you to buy and add new pieces to your wardrobe, some of your clothes are never worn. Between summer and winter clothes, outfits for work and those for going out …. Some dresses, jackets or some pants have never left their hanger. Too bad ! Sort out and keep only the clothes you actually wear . The same applies to clothes that you have not worn for years, but that you keep by habit: sell them, give them to your relatives or associations, to allow them to have a second life!

4 – You rediscover clothes in your dressing room

One morning, looking for pants, you come across a sweater that you had forgotten for months? Here again, it is the sign of an overflow of clothes. The accumulation prevents an overall view of his wardrobe and encourages to always put the same clothes . This sweater, however, only needs to be worn! What if you rearrange your wardrobe? This is an opportunity to take stock of everything you own and to separate from the futile or the surplus.

5 – Some clothes still carry their label

Do you have clothes still in their packaging, or with a label? This is proof that this purchase was perhaps too much. It’s the same for shoes: if they are still in their box without being worn, it may be that they are not necessary … Ask yourself the right questions: will I really wear this garment? while it has not been since its purchase? Do I need it?

You now recognize the signs that prove you have too many clothes, and how to make a big sort in your dressing!

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