5 Hidden and Uncommon European Gems for the Wandering Traveler

If you want to unfold the uncommon European gems this Christmas, don’t go through an orthodox Travel guide. Those guides generally refer the route confined within London to Lisbon, Paris to Prague or Brussels to Berlin etc. A true traveler hardly needs to follow it. But there are so many uncommon Gems hidden within the fabulous folds of nature in Europe. Beautiful towns, cities, at the lap of eternal landscapes, will make you awestruck. Here is our top 10 pick to make your Christmas Merry.     

1. Lugano, Switzerland

A world class city of Ticino, Switzerland, with a flavor of a town Lugano is waiting for you with its picturesque lake view surrounded with beautiful palm trees and boulevards in the foot of Alps. It is a town of parks and flowers, villas and values of sacred buildings. The Italian-speaking town may offer you plenty of scopes for outdoor and indoor activities as well as you can make it a good base for visiting other cities and sites of this region. Only a half an hour drive may reach you to the Italian cities like Como and Varese. The Micro-climate temperature of Lubano is very pleasant to relax in the summertime, but to explore in the winter.  

2. Sintra, Portugal

The Capital of Romanticism, Sintra inspired many writers who pioneered Romantic aura in eighteenth and nineteenth century Europe. The royal heritage of history, plentiful nature and cosmopolitan culture made the town a jewel set amid the mountains and the sea. This is a town in the Estoril Coast region of Portugal and only 28 km away from Lisbon. The popular destination for day-trippers, Sintra and its surrounding mountains has a status of UNESCO world heritage site also offers you the medieval Sintra National Palace and several 19th century estates.

3. Bled, Slovenia

Bled is a town in Slovenia, on the east coast of Lake Bled. For the enormous beauty of nature the town and its surroundings earned the status to be among the most beautiful alpine resorts. The town portrays a white little church on an island of Bled lake that reflects a picturesque white and red Castle located high above the Julian Alps. Beyond those Bled features Iglica Waterfalls, Babji Zob Caves, numerous outdoor adventures and an access point for Triglay National Park.

4. Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro set in the deepest part of Mediterranean Bay and on the foothill of Lovcen Mountain. It is a town of rich culture with its World heritage medieval buildings and one of the best sights in Mediterranean area. It developed around Stari Grad, the city’s old town, which is listed in UNESCO World heritage sites. The old town was built like a maze for protective purposes, so it is very easy to get lost, even to the locals. Kotor is the only town located by name in maps, on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and founded before the time of Homer. So it was a home town for the Greek and later for the Romans.

5. Ronda, Spain

Tajo del Ronda is a 150 meters deep narrow gorge holding a town on his both hands named Ronda in the Malaga region of Spain. The old part of the town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest. This land was inhabited by Celts, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and conquered again by the Catholic Monarchs. During the summer times the town becomes packed with day-trippers from the Costa del Sol. While the historic part remains in the south, the Modern part developed in the northern side. So bridges in the town are very significant to unite the two halves.

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