13 wedding card ideas for every kind of wedding

Make an invitation that fits perfectly with your big day, with our 13 wedding card ideas. Get ready to get inspired …

Make an invitation that goes beyond the basic details by creating one that matches the theme of your day. We have more than 20 different wedding card designs that you can choose from.

Below are some of our favorites that suit different wedding themes. All our designs are fully customizable, so you can add and remove elements to make it perfect for you. And if you can not find a card that fits perfectly with your big day, you can also design the card yourself.

Below you will find 10 sample designs from our wedding collection and three that we have designed ourselves. The only thing you need is a bit of imagination.

Example designs wedding invitations


For some people ‘less is more’ and with so many details and decoration options around weddings, it is sometimes better to keep it simple. Minimalist, however, does not mean boring. There is beauty in simplicity. Think of clean lines, neutral colors, natural light and focus on the happy bride and groom.

Our square minimalist card design is perfect for minimalist weddings. Let the photo be the shining center of your card and put only your names on the front. The other details can be put on the inside. The white border and the simple font ensure a clean finish.


Modern weddings can mean anything … from not adopting the man’s last name to not serving a wedding cake. But in terms of themes, modern weddings often have sleek designs, striking decorations and contemporary lighting

Go for our modern geometric design, to let your modern wedding theme run through in the invitations. The geometric lines on the front are sleek, but simple and the sans serif font is completely contemporary.


Classical means something different for everyone, but in the case of a wedding we mean traditional colors such as gold, silver, cream and timeless details such as flowers, lace and a three-piece cake.

Red is traditionally associated with love, so our red-gold design is perfect for weddings with a classic atmosphere. The beautiful white-gold flower design on the inside and back of the card and the golden details ensure a luxurious finish.


If you go for your own fairy tale, then a romantic wedding theme is perfect. Flower arrangements that decorate the location and speeches with love poems …

If you want to set the tone for the big day, go for our vintage floral wedding card. The perfect backdrop for a photo of the bride and groom lovingly embracing each other is adorned with beautiful roses, the flower of love.


The trend for bohemian weddings will remain for a while, so embrace this natural, free atmosphere and plan a unique boho wedding. Get inspiration from the hippie culture and go for natural materials, flowers in the hair and draped bouquets.

Our classic floral wedding card sets the tone for the big day and lets the guests know that they can expect a bohemian love party. The whimsical pink and blue flowers on the front are further processed on the inside, where you will find a foxglove illustration.


For your vintage wedding you can choose to choose a specific period (for example the 20s or 40s) or you can use a complete mix of retro-themed fun in your big day. The beauty of a vintage wedding is that it never goes out of fashion and you can be sure that you will not regret it in the coming years.

Your guests will love your retro engraved wedding card. The natural colors and hand-drawn flowers provide a clear retro feeling. Simply add a photo and change the text in the card as desired.


With glamorous weddings, it’s about going over-the-top, so go for gold and glitter. From the location and the interior to the wedding dress and the invitations, make sure it radiates.

Our gray and gold classic wedding card has an unmistakable glamorous appearance. The dark background and the golden art-deco style details radiate wealth. Choose your most glamorous photo to add on the front.


Weddings in barns and on farms have become increasingly popular in recent years, so rustic wedding themes are also becoming increasingly apparent. Try to add some do-it-yourself elements on your big day and keep everything low-key.

The white text printed on a chalkboard-effect background makes our rustic chalkboard wedding card perfect for a rustic wedding. Go for a black and white photo for a consistent color palette.

themed wedding invitation-ideas-rustic


Weddings do not have to be that serious and some bridal couples are thrilled by a playful wedding day. Think big board games that can be played on the grass, favorite snacks from the past and funny pictures.

As the name suggests, our playful modern wedding card is designed for playful couples. He has bright colors and striking illustrations that are perfect for a cheerful photo.


Whether you’re getting married on a beach in a tropical resort, or just love tropical designs, tropical weddings include plants, natural light and maybe a few coconuts, if you can find them.

Our tight tropical wedding card lets you dream away to lush palm trees and late sunsets. The green-pink color palette is very popular in the designer world at the moment.

Homemade wedding invitations


Do you give the yes-word in a cozy location by the sea? Go for a complete maritime theme with navy blue and white stripes, lighthouses, shells, fishing boats and hopefully some sun rays.

Make your invitation complete with a striped background and a maritime rope frame. You can add extra details if you want. That is the fun of designing the invitations yourself! There are no rules.


Are you a couple who love nature and who likes to go out? Does your wedding take place in a beautiful forest or in a mountain environment? Then a wedding with a nature theme is perfect for you.

Make your own natural invitations by using clipart with a nature theme, such as trees, branches and leaves. Then choose a photo of you together in a beautiful natural environment. Simple, but effective.


Is your relationship crossing the land borders? Is your relationship international? We love weddings with a travel theme through the romance.

Use the world map and a heart-clip to indicate your countries on the map. Then use our travel theme clipart to decorate the invitation. We love the stamps that make the invitation look like a passport page.

We hope this has helped you choose your wedding invitations.

Save-the-date cards and thank-you cards that match the wedding card are also fantastic. And if you are not planning a wedding? We have more than 100 card designs, so you will find one for every occasion. All our cards are completely customizable, so you make them exactly as you want.

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