12 Timeless Fashion Classics That Would Never Go Out Of Style!

When it comes to the foundation of any Indian girl’s wardrobe, the very pieces that make it complete are infinite. Out of all these infinite wardrobe staples, some pieces are classics that are easy to spot in any girl’s wardrobe. If you are the fashionista and looking for a great opportunity in the fashion world, you can check out our list of 12 timeless fashion classics that would never go out of style and get some inspiration to add in your closet.

The dominance of black and red color

With just a flash of seconds, black and red colors come to our minds when we talk about timeless fashion classics. Ideal for all body types and Indian skin tones, the black color is a forever classic one worldwide and hence, every woman love to have a classic black dress in her closet. When it comes to red color in the Indian context, this is considered as the most auspicious color with its all brightness and richness and hence, it is widely popular in Indian subcontinent. Having both these colors in your wardrobe collection is surely going to increase your sale.

Black Red Floral Cotton Gown for Summer

Floral long dresses

The floral prints are the most sought-after trend when it comes to women clothing as they have a highly elegant and unique aura that assures all eyes on the wearer. That’s why the floral long dresses are considered as a classic wardrobe staple in any girl’s wardrobe. Easily found with clothing retailers, you can fetch vibrant and colorful flower dresses for your closet as they are surely going to impress your customers.

Little black dress

Women always love to foolproof their wardrobes with a little black dress. Though, not very popular in India, the trend of LBD is slowly and steadily attaining a position of one of the wardrobe staple in Indian girl’s closet. With this in your store collection, your customers would be really pleased and happy. Try to get various style and silhouettes of these dresses for having more profit and sale.

Women ethnic kurtis

Woman Ethnic Yellow Kurti

The influx of ethnic women kurtis is not new in the Indian society. Ideal for all kind of Indian events, festivals and ceremonies, women ethnic kurtis are often found inside the women’s wardrobe in large quantity. If you are a fashionista, you should invest in some beautiful ethnic kurtis and top that could be paired with various styles of bottom wears.

Suede high-heeled pumps

After having all the stylish clothing in the closet, women love to shop stylish footwear too. For this reason, it is quite important to pick the forever classic footwear to pair up with stylish Missprint indo western dresses and Kurtis, Forever21 jeans or that cute little black dress. As per the latest style trends and the old classic style books, the suede high-heeled pumps is definitely the one classic thing that has a sure place in any women’s wardrobe

High-quality leather satchel or tote

Cross body Satchel and stylish leather bags are good enough to make a bold statement with any outfit and hence, always have one or more high-quality leather satchel or tote in their wardrobe to ensure a classic style everywhere. With amazing design aesthetic, there are various brands like Baggit, Lavie, Caprese, and H&M offering highly amazing bags that surpasses all its competitors. If you want to go for a budget-friendly option, the fashion market offers various brands that you can have in your wardrobe.

Ethnic Indian Sarees

The traditional piece in any women wardrobe, Saree is the most sensual and gorgeous thing in the Indian subcontinent and hence, this is something that is not going to go out of style. With various prints, fabrics, and styles, there is indeed everything alluring about ethnic Indian Sarees and if you stock this staple Indian wardrobe piece in your store collection and it is going to fly off your shelves quickly.

Cashmere sweaters

Just like the LBD, cashmere sweaters are not that popular in India but, it is becoming popular among the Indian women steadily and it will become a forever classic style for sure. The luxe nature of this makes it a highly regal choice for women and it is a classic way to show off your style. It can be paired with any kind of women clothing and hence, the demands of this is increasing in India. Choose solid and neutral colors without many embellishments for your store as they are going to last for a long time.

A classic pair of jeans

Call it an everyday style or a go-to classic, it is almost mandatory for women to have a classic pair of jeans in their closet. When paired with long ethnic tops, it could help you set a classic style for yourself and when paired with great tees or designer tops, it lets you look absolutely contemporary and stylish. While you could invest in some branded jeans, you also have the liberty to pick some local brands as to assure that there is something for everyone.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets have the power to transform any plain dress from dull and dusky to chic and hap. So, it quite easy to find stylish denim jackets in any contemporary women’s wardrobe in India. Often carried by college girls and working women, the trend of denim jacket is becoming quite popular and hence, you should definitely try to incorporate denim jackets in your store collection.

Classic trench coats

Seasonless and versatile, trench coats are the classic wardrobe essential that could be paired with formal as well as casual outfits depending on the way you want to style it. Available in various colors and brands, they can work wonder with any women outfit and hence, it is one of the classic wardrobe staples that is going to stay with us forever. Having this style of women clothing in your store will assure that you are able to grab good reviews for your store.

Fashionable sunglasses

When everything is in the proper place, women always want to go an extra step in order to look glamorous hence, the classic pair of aviator sunglasses is their all-time favorite. Be it a branded one like FastTrack and Rayban or be it a non-branded one, sunglasses are a forever timeless fashion classic for girls and women’s so, you can have this in your wardrobe too.

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