11 tips to prevent your white clothes from turning yellow or gray

Make the white whiter than white, it is possible. Or at least, avoid that it turns to gray or yellow. Zoom on the best tips to preserve your immaculate clothes.

1) Wash the white clothes on their own at the washing machine

You probably know it but you should never wash your white clothes with your colored clothes. Indeed, to preserve the whiteness of these parts, it is better to run several different machines by sorting the laundry correctly. It is also advisable to separate your white clothes by subject. A cotton blouse and a wool sweater do not wash at the same temperature, at the risk of finding your little-felted sweater. Regarding the washing machine itself, it must be cleaned regularly, to destroy any dirt residues that get stuck in it.

2) Use Marseille soap to wash the white laundry

Marseille soap is known for its many virtues. Not only can it whiten your favorite white pants, but it can, too, combat yellow and gray stains. To do this, simply soap your clothes, let them rest in warm soapy water for an hour, then rinse and let dry. Ultra simple, right?

3) Use lemon to maintain and detach white clothes

Lemon is the best ally of white. To whiten your clothes, soak them for an hour in a bowl of boiling water with a lemon juice. If you just want to maintain your laundry, just pour some lemon juice into the laundry tub (the juice of one lemon per liter).
On the contrary, if you want to remove gray or yellow stains, prepare a thick paste of 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a tablespoon of baking soda. Emulsify with white vinegar, put the mixture on the stain and rinse after two hours.

4) The milk, the good tip of grandmother to make the tasks disappear

Admittedly, it’s an old grandmother’s recipe but it works very well. It’s just that the gray or yellow spots are not very big. To make them disappear from your white T-shirts, simply soak them in warm whole milk. You can add a little Marseille soap for more efficiency.

5) Eggshells to avoid tarnishing white clothes

It is a 100% natural tip that allows, in addition, to reuse your waste. Eggshells help prevent clothes from tarnishing. In a closed cloth bag, put on your white garment, add the shells and, why not, a slice of lemon. Put everything in your washing machine and start your cycle normally. Not bad is not it?

6) Blend your laundry with yeast to whiten all your clothes

To whiten your laundry with yeast, simply add a small packet of baking powder to your laundry and you’re done.

7) Baking soda instead of your softener

As for Marseille soap, this magic product is used for just about everything. Ecological, this white powder, odorless, can be used instead of your softener in the washing machine. This regular action will preserve your white clothes.
If you want to remove yellow or gray stains, put your laundry in a basin with 2 glasses of baking soda. Let stand for a few hours and rinse.

8) Ultra powerful soda crystals to dissolve the stains of white clothes

Soda crystals are even more potent than baking soda. They are also natural, they are derived from sea salt or chalk, and can dissolve stains, dirt, revive the white and make it brighter. If you want to launder your laundry with these crystals, use a basin, pour a cup of soda crystals for 2L of hot water. Soak for an hour.
To simply maintain your white laundry, put 2 tablespoons of these crystals in your laundry, each wash.

9) Trust ammonia to find your bright white clothes as the first day

So, certainly, the name can be scary. Yet, this product is ultra effective for laundering clothes that would have tarnished over time. It is also formidable against yellow stains. For all this, simply apply a few drops of ammonia in a basin of water, soak and rinse with clear water.

10) Hydrogen peroxide to maintain your white clothes

Hydrogen peroxide bleaches and disinfects. So it’s perfect for laundry. It is thicker than water, colorless and odorless. But be careful not to use it anyway, because it can be flammable. If you use it to whiten your clothes, simply soak them in a basin of hot water, added to half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide.
On the other hand, if you simply want to maintain your white clothes, pour half a glass of hydrogen peroxide into your laundry tub every time you wash.

11) The blue chalk to give a boost

It’s scientific. Blue reinforces white. Indeed, the white absorbs the ultraviolet and redistributes the blue light, which has the effect of invigorating the white. Simply place a few pieces of chalk in the flushing behavior of your machine and you will find the original white of your clothes.

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