10 of the Most Christmassy Cities in Europe

A white Christmas with a thick snow cover is the common Christmassy signature of Europe loved by people all over the globe. In addition to that centuries old gothic churches with their fabulous choirs, and beautifully alight medieval squares with their row of stalls and the horse pulling and dog pulling sledges, all contribute to Christmas an authentic winter charm that you cannot see anywhere in the world. Christmas comes alive in the following 10 European cities with typical Christmassy glitz, glam and suppleness than anywhere else.

1. Rome, Italy

During winter and Christmas Rome offers the most catholic Roman aura. Tourists can grab better deal as so called package tourists are few. Naturally for the enterprising DIY tourist Rome is an ideal option around this time of the year. Besides, it is where the Pope sits in the Vatican and an experience of attending Midnight Mass there is bound to be a lifelong memory. Rome with its grand heritages, gigantic cathedrals, museums and glittering streets and markets offer the ideal Christmassy ambience, though you never feel crowded during this season. That is the best part of it.

2. Barcelona, Spain

If you are not an ardent beach lover, visiting the grand Barcelona during winter, especially Christmas can really be special. In Barcelona the summer season get flocks of tourists from all parts of the globe but very few know the elegance of a glittering Barcelona during the Christmas. This time of the year you can get more space for spending time in the city’s famous heritages and ravishing architectures. From December the city also comes alive with a series of events, festivals and exhibitions. It is really a happening place during winter and Christmas and offers better chances to go deeper into the Catalonian life and culture.

3. Vienna, Austria

In spite of the freezing temperature the Austrian capital offers the liveliest specter during Christmas. Vienna is known for its grandeur, mammoth palaces and heritage monuments and also the splurge festive atmosphere during Christmas. With the lively streets and glam hazed squares and buildings flooded with lights and the thick cover of snow, Vienna blends an alpine city specter with perfect Christmas celebration. Despite the chill people come out in hordes and the cafes, bars and restaurants brim with tourists and locals. It is the brighter side of life that you experience in a city long regarded for its royal ancestry and grandeur of stupefying dimension.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam with its canals, small bridges crisscrossing the city streets, flamboyant lively folks, nightlife and array of markets selling all kinds of delicacies, is favored by the tourists all over the globe. But when it comes to Christmas, the city jump on to life and festivities with winter activities beautifully lighted buildings and squares and Christmas markets and stalls.  The Dutch capital offers as many as 26 different Christmas markets for the visitors. Typical Christmassy activity includes skating at the Leidseplein ice skating rink. Famous Dutch delicacies like the Olibollen or Dutch doughnuts are all time favorites.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is long considered to be the jewel of East Europe with magnificent gothic architectural marvels dotting the entire city.  The Czech capital is also known for its unique folkloric traditions. Both the architectural heritages and the festive mood of its people come alive at Christmas making the city thriving with nightlife, outdoor and closed-door celebrations and markets. The city is already famous for its Christmas markets with gleaming and decorated wooden huts offering all sorts of festive treats including local crafts to ornaments to mouth watering delicacies. The magnificent old town square offers the deal Christmas specter offering a nativity scene just complete with everything.

6. Nice, France

From time immemorial this French city was the winter holiday destination for rich and noble Britons. Nice offers a festive relief from the freezing northern weather and that too in an authentic manner with all ingredients to make your Christmas celebration big. This beautiful Mediterranean city toasts health and well being with its comfortable weather and just offers an ideal romantic setting away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. This grand city which is alive with most revered museums and galleries will offer a Christmas different from all the rest. It is the quintessential French and Mediterranean life punched in your Christmas treat this year.  

7. Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg in Germany is the most popular Christmas market in Europe which is visited by more than 2 million travelers each year from every part of the globe.  Nuremberg Christmas market has gained popularity of epic dimension simply because of the typical Bavarian atmosphere it presents along with all the local high quality delicacies it sells. With more than 200 vendors sharing space into the wooden stalls of Hauptmarkt Square makes up the most celebrated Christmas market in entire Europe. From traditional goods, knick knacks to mulled wine to delicacies like Nuremberg sausages, potato pancakes, roasted almonds, gingerbread and handmade Christmas tree angels to handmade ornaments and jewelry, you have splurge choice in a typical German provincial setting.

8.  Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

If you are looking for a complete white Christmas with a vast snow covered cityscape around you, this little provincial town in Lapland, Finland can be the ideal destination. Rovaniemi can just make your long cherished dream of celebrating Christmas close to the freezing North Pole come true. You cannot find a better place to make your children meet Santa than in this snowy winter wonderland covering the pine forests for miles around. From sledge rides carried by local husky dogs to tobogganing to the impressive green hues of Northern Lights to skiing in the forest slopes, you have plenty of activities for your Christmas holidays here. Lapland in a way offers all that have been famous attributes of North Pole, from frosty bone chilling temperature to the natural wonder of midnight sun to the stunning specter of Northern Lights.

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