10 Exotic Destinations to Explore this Christmas

Every Christmas is special in a way. But there cannot be a better way to celebrate Christmas than going for a vacation in an exotic destination. For the adventurer in you or for the fun loving persona in you or for the composed romantic wanderer in you, there are plenty of options for every taste. For the lover of wilderness in snow covered northern countries to the admirers of cool specter of sea and sun to the fun seekers of festive Christmassy markets and gatherings, there is practically plenty to choose a destination for your vacation this Christmas. Here below we provide our top 10 exotic picks.

Lapland, Finland  

If you are looking for an absolute white Christmas this year, this snow-covered winter wonderland can be the ideal place to visit. Explore the wilderness in Urho Kekkonen National Park, just little more than an hour of journey from Helsinki by a flight can let you experience a truly once in a lifetime tour through the frosty landscape with a reindeer pulling a sled. For more adventure, you can choose a cross country skiing on the nearby Saariselkä trails. As for stay, the area offers quite a surprise for the city dwellers. Yes, you can stay inside a thermal glass made igloo provided by some hotels.


Can there be a better place to indulge in Christian festive spirit than in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus? Unarguably no and moreover, the nativity scenes of this historic city can be considered the best in the world. The pilgrimage to Bethlehem by millions of travelers around the world fills the air with a typical Christmassy feeling that you can experience nowhere else. From the grand Christmas Eve gathering in the Manger Square to the attending of the midnight mass service at the famous Nativity Church, this is where the quintessential religious flavor is felt in all entirety and glitz.

Hawaii Island

Long considered as the island with most exotic range of windy beaches, Hawaii Island is unbearable as a destination if you are looking to spend your holidays away from the typical Christmassy places and hyperactivity going around.  The island offering larger than life adventures and coolest sea specter and most authentic sea foods is a paradise on earth for people who love warm, tropical weather drenched in sun, sand and sea. Experience walking through ancient lava tube, go up to the bottom of the Halemamau Crater of Hawaii Volcanoes, catching a ride with Blue Hawaiian helicopters for a aerial view of the island and enjoying snorkeling and water sports, you have plenty here to fill your holidays with fun and frolic.

Goa, India

Goa famous for exotic beaches and wild night parties always has been on top of the list for western hippies. Goan beaches come alive this time of the year around with lot of hippie hangouts, exquisite sea foods with typical Indian cuisine and spices and festivals in Portuguese churches and sea side festivities. Goa offers some extremely budget staying options and you can have a truly exotic Christmas holiday here at almost half the cost than anywhere in the west or Mediterranean.

Trømso, Norway

It is not the snowy northern hemisphere look of the town that makes people travel here. It is the unmatched specter of the northern lights and a close proximity to the North Pole that makes this Norwegian city so special a Christmas holiday destination. In addition to this, dog sledging, a mountaintop view from the cable car and great hospitality and food make this city an exotic place to feel a typical end of the world charm. After all, it is just close to the North Pole!


Bali is the South East Asian jewel on the sea with enormous blue specter of sea. Located in the Southern Hemisphere the island can also offer an experience of downpour at the time of Christmas. Bali offers an exotic setting with white sand beaches, sparkling blue sea water, long rows of palm trees, many ancient heritage temples and plush hotels with lavish comfort arrangements. Some of the well known attractions include the surf beach of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak on the western coast and Ubud close to the central hills.

Zurich, Switzerland

For a through and through Alpine experience in the heart of Europe, there is no better place than Zurich. From days in advance before the Christmas 12,000 crystal lights are lit to mark the festive season. Zurich being one of the most elegant Swiss cities offers countless charms for the travelers. Whether enjoying a famous Swiss hot chocolate to exploring the Rämistrasse galleries or getting a firsthand experience of Conelli Christmas Circus or attending a holiday concert in the Grossmünster church, you have an array of festive activities besides enjoying the pristine beauty of this Alpine city.

Durango, California, USA   

For an exotic holidaying experience there is nothing like putting up in a mountain town that offers an old fashioned charm. From experiencing rides around the town in horse sledge to skiing Explore down the hill slopes to quiet drinking while enjoying the white specter around to playing with the little ones in snow, romance and fun waiting for you here, in an authentic old fashioned way.

Lake Tahoe, USA

Lake Tahoe with its pristine raw natural beauty is an exotic place all round the year. But in winter it offers a snow covered specter that is worth remembering for years. This winter wonderland offers plenty of activities including skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating. The moonlight sledge ride offered for the tourists is a special attraction. The Squaw Valley Festival of Lights is also very popular as the entire area of the resort is decorated with light.

Tallin, Estonia

There are plenty o exotic Christmas destinations in East Europe. But this sparkling snowy Estonian capital has a special charm to offer during Christmas. If you want to enjoy Christmas in all its grandeur away from the crowded festivities of Western Europe, Tallin can be the ideal place to enjoy your Christmas Eve. The medieval old town heritages covered in snow and the buildings with nighttime lanterns and their reflecting glow on the cobblestone streets and the quaint little streets lined with old-world homes, it offers an altogether different experience as though experiencing a time-travel backwards

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